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Noland's Ferry Bridge

Mile 44 - This is the canal at Noland's Ferry, facing east.  On the right you can see the remains of a bridge that went over the canal at one time. 

Historically, this spot on the canal was part of the Monocacy Trail (the Monocacy River runs nearby), an Indian trail and Potomac River crossing.  The ferry operated as early as 1758 and there was a community established here with a small town. After the canal was built, farm produce from Virginia was ferried across the canal to be shipped but  some dissatisfaction with the arrangements caused a bridge to be built here (and you can still see the remains of it).   After the bridge was put in at Point of Rocks, Nolands Ferry business faded.

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The boat launch is rather steep here, it's that V shaped indentation between the sign and loop in the end of the road.

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Mile 44.76 - This is the Frederick County Water Treatment Plant.  Although it is housed in an historic building, it operates according to modern standards.  To get here, you may have passed by the New Design water intake facility on New Design Road.  East Acoloa built the newer facility to supply a nearby aluminum processing plant.

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