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Mercersville / Taylor's Landing

Mile 81 - Taylor's Landing is right across from Mercersville.  It has two boat ramps.  Nearby is Reels and Wheels, an outfitter.  From the plaque near the town:

Mercersville was named for Charles Fenton Mercer, who served as the first president of the Cheaspeake and Ohio Canal Company from June 1828 through June 1833.  Mr. Mercer, from Loudon County, Virginia, also served as a member of the U.S. House of Representatives from his home state.  This area is better known as Taylor's landing after John William (Jack) Taylor, who operated a general store at this location for over fifty years.

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Across from the canal are several houses, this one with a long staircase and flood markers on a few of the stairs.

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