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Harper's Ferry Railroad Bridge

Mile 60.67 - The B&O railroad crosses the Potomac here and you can walk into Harpers Ferry by crossing it.  Harpers Ferry is also a National Park.  It's the site of John Brown's (his body's a-moulding in his grave) raid on the federal armory.  At one time, Harpers Ferry and one other federal armory supplied all the guns for US troops.

Harpers Ferry National Park web site.  This is a very interesting town and part of the canal-I can't do it the justice this site does.

If you're following the Appalachian Trail, this is where the AT diverges.  Cross the bridge and onto the mountain ridge! 

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Harpers Ferry RR.jpg (320831 bytes)The railroad comes out of the Harpers Ferry tunnel and leaves Maryland at this point.

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Nice view of the canal!

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The view from atop the bridge.  You need to walk your bike here.

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