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 Once you've installed the software, you can download my collection of C & O Canal photos, mostly what you've seen on this site.  Just click on the link and it will download.

C & O Canal Webshot Collection

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C & O Canal Park Map in Adobe PDF Format

C & O Canal Map
C & O Canal Map (Start to Great Falls)

Great Falls Hiking Trails

You can also download these from the NPS Digital Maps website

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Pictures from This Site

If you're interested in using any of the pictures from this site, you have my permission.  You can download the full resolution originals from the thumbnails that follow.  If you need a picture that's not below, e-mail me and I'll add it.




Virginia BlueBell

Black Water Swamp

Lock 57

15 Mile Creek Aqueduct

Locks 51 & 52

Licking Creek Aqueduct

Be careful.

Billy Goat Trail

Mather Groge

Drop Gate Gears

Foggy Bridge

The Final Lock

Seneca Creek Aqueduct Perspective View

Seneca Creek Aqueduct

Girl Scouts by Riley's Lock House

Seneca Stone Mill

Lock at Glen Echo

Great Falls Tavern

Bridge by Harpers Ferry


Lock 14

Osage Orange

Monocacy Aqueduct before Repairs

Monocacy Aqueduct with Repairs

Monocacy Aqueduct Perspective view

Monocacy Aqueduct Plaque

Broad Trunk (Wooden) Aqueduct

Rose Mallow at McKee-Besher

Point of Rocks Tunnel

Pivot Bridge at Point of Rocks

Point of Rocks Rail

Lock 1

Dickerson Power Plant

Charles Mill

DaleCarlia Hydro

Bridge at the End of Big Pool

Pepco in Williamsport

Century Mark

Fort Frederick Interpreter

Route 15 Bridge near Point of Rocks

Dam 5

Waste Weir

Catotcin Aqueduct

Statue in Cumberland

Swamp White Oak

Mr. Barron (of Barron's store)

Cement Mill near Hancock

Lock 53

Stone Cutter's Handiwork

Dam 6 and Lock 55

Woodpecker Damage

Dam 4 Guard Lock

Aerial View of Fort Frederick

Boy Scout Troop

Bicycle Patrol

Tonoloway Aqueduct

LockHouse near Hancock

Paw Paw Tunnel 1

Paw Paw Tunnel 2

Lock 28

Weverton Lock

Lock 36

Poison Ivy

Canal Wall Detail

Cow Chow

Oldtown Lock

Town Creek Aqueduct

Crabtree Lock

Violette's Lock

Kayakers near Pennyfield Lock

The Narrows

Whites Ferry

Lock 26

McMahon's Mill

Canoes at Riley's Lock House (Artsy)

Damaged Towpath

Canada Goose Near WideWater

Lock 16 from Detour

Canal Days Mule

Black Rat Snake

Weverton Cliffs

Lock 17

Lock 33