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Lock 1

Mile 0.38 - This is below the street level where the waters from the canal empty into Rock Creek.  On the street level, we'll be going through Georgetown, the yuppie section of DC.  It's filled with little shops and restaurants, Georgetown University and of course, the canal.

  Aerial view of Lock 1 emptying into Rock Creek and the Tide Water Lock.

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One of the best preserved and least altered of old American canals, the Chesapeake and Ohio grew from Washington's vision of linking the valleys of the early west with the east by "ties of communication."  The Potomac Company fostered by Washington to improve navigation of the Potomac transferred its rights in 1828 to the Chesapeake and Ohio Company organized to connect the Ohio at Pittsburg with Georgetown by a continuous canal.  In October 1850 after 185 miles were built the construction ceased at Cumberland.  Until 1924 trade continued on the old canal.  Today, it is a memorial to national progress and the canal era.

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